Tree Surgery Business – How Much Should You Be Charging In The UK?

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Trees need to be trimmed into shape in order to keep every garden appealing.

Another advantage of emergency tree work is the removal of dangerous damaged and dead tree limbs that can be potentially harmful.

There are various factors that determine the price of tree trimming and how much all professionals should be charging.


The cheapest method of tree trimming available is the DIY or the Do it Yourself option.

This method however can be very time consuming and requires a lot of energy in addition to being dangerous. Proper equipment will need to be purchased that can range anywhere between £30 to £150.

When it comes to large trees however, professional, more experienced and equipped tree trimmers are the best, most viable option. The cost of hiring professional tree trimmers varies and is determined by many factors.


The size of tree is the most important factor.

Larger trees will cost more to trim because they are more time consuming when trimming and have more branches.

Shorter trees less than 30 feet usually costs between £65 to £390, moderate tress that range between 30 to 60 feet costs from £100 to £800 and the largest trees that are over 60 feet can cost from £150 to £850

In addition to this other factors that can add to tree trimming cost are the destination, reach, health of the tree and distance of the company to the tree. Such cost can range from £130 to over a thousand pounds.

Due to the dangers and risks involved with tree trimming it is recommended that they be carried out by professional tree trimmers