How Do You Find A Good Home Builder?

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It’s not that difficult to find a builder it is however difficult to find a good, honest and skilled home builder. In conjunction with The Best Builders Bristol we have crafted a list of 5 things to consider when trying to uncover the best home builder.


1. Are They Who They Say They Are?

There are quite a few builders who will claim to be someone when they are not when they need to secure references. There are even cases where a person’s has claimed to their clients that they are the brother of a builder who is well respected when they are not. So you shouldn’t rely solely on what they say, but carry out further checks to verify this.

2. Ask For References

When it comes to you getting references make sure that these have been independently verified. Also look to see what organisations if any they purport to be members of such as the Federation of Master Builders and contact these directly.

3. Get A Written Agreement

Make sure that you get written quotes from the builders you are considering using. Ideally these should come on the company paper and be signed by one of the directors of the company. Also don’t forget when looking through the quotes to check that tax has been included in the costs.

4. How Is The Quote Laid Out?


When it comes to how to find a good builder you need to look at the way they have presented the quotation that you have received. The good builders will ensure that every job that you have asked them to carry out is shown as a separate item on the quote. Plus also under each of these sections the costs in relation to materials and labour should be listed separately.

5. What Kind Of Insurance Do They Have?

When you are thinking of employing a builder before you do look at what kind of insurance cover they have with regard to the type of work that you are asking them to carry out.

They should have enough cover in place that should anything happen that results in them being unable to carry on working say because of an accident and need to employ others that you won’t incur any further costs.

Also the type of insurance they have shouldn’t only protect them and their employees, but any other contractors they need to use, plus of course your home, you and your family.

Above we have offered just a few tips on how to find a good builder today in order to carry out work on your home. What is also important is that you don’t arrange for just one builder to visit your home to provide a quote for the work but in fact several.